Blackmagic Design | Fairlight Console Audio Editor

Blackmagic Design | Fairlight Console Audio Editor

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As part of a full console, the Blackmagic Design Fairlight Console Audio Editor provides incredible speed and control for professional sound editors working on tight deadlines! You get quick access controls for high speed precision audio editing that let you work much faster than you could with a traditional mouse. Use both hands with the search dial and action keys to work quickly without ever taking your hands off the panel. It gives you quick access to virtually every feature in the software and features a graphical custom function keyboard.

The elegant design features an interactive LCD screen, touch sensitive control knobs, macro buttons, number pad, high quality search dial with electronic clutch and full keyboard with multi function picture keys that change based on your current task! Simply connect Fairlight Console Audio Editor by ethernet directly to your console. The menus and controls are designed with more than 20 years of professional audio engineer guidance and use, so it’s optimised for any project you can throw at it! The Fairlight Console Audio Editor can also be purchased and used as a stand alone desktop model.


Integrated LCD

The Fairlight Audio Editor features a large 12" high resolution LCD with soft buttons and knobs. It’s an interactive audio editing dashboard with 5 different layouts, giving you a full graphical interface for EQ, dynamics, plug-ins and other tasks. The screen automatically changes to show you the information, tools and controls you need for the current activity. This lets you work quickly because you don’t have to grab the mouse, look up at the computer display and stop what you’re doing! For example, when adjusting EQ, you’ll see the parametric equaliser curve on the display. You can use the knobs to adjust the gain in different frequency ranges and see instant feedback as the curve changes.


EQ Layout

Clip EQ layout gives you total control over the 4-band parametric equaliser parameters for the selected clip. This gives you all the same EQ controls that are available in the inspector in DaVinci Resolve, along with clip EQ preset options.


Standard Mixing

Standard mixing layout displays information for the currently selected track. This includes level, pan, meters, the 6-band parametric track EQ, dynamics and more. The soft buttons and knobs give you quick access to common controls.



Displays controls for the first plug-in on the selected track. This screen has a 3 page layout giving you access to plug-in bypass and reset, loading and saving of presets, and for mapping plug-in parameters to any of the six rotary knobs.


Aux Sends

When viewing the aux layout, you’ll see all of the send levels and panning for up to 24 auxiliary channels all at the same time. The soft buttons along the top of the screen let you enable different aux channels for the active tracks.


Monitor Mode

The monitoring mode layout provides visual feedback for the dim and fixed levels, along with control room, loudness and studio meters. It also displays a graphical representation of the speaker configuration for your listening environment.


Custom Function Keyboard

The custom keyboard features easy to read, multi-function self labeling keys with dedicated layouts that cover nearly every function of the Fairlight page. The images on the keys change based on the task you’re performing so you can work quickly!


Programmable Macro Keys

Macro keys can be used to record sequences of keystrokes that you can re-call and use at any time to automate repetitive tasks and speed up your workflow. There are 14 dedicated macro keys along with a mode for displaying thirty macros on the keyboard.


Transport Controls

Navigation keys and the search dial let you quickly move around the timeline, record, search, playback at variable speeds, set locators to jump to a new position and more. They can also be used to zoom, adjust levels, shape fades and trim edits.

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