What are Digital Cine Cameras?

Digital movie cameras used for digital cinematography capture images digitally using a digital image sensor that captures light falling on the sensor instead of the traditional movie camera that captured images using film stock.

Digital movie cameras can output a variety of different acquisition formats from 1080p, 2K, UHD, 4K, 6K and even 8K with high dynamic range imagery. Digital movie cameras have become the Hollywood standard for film production in the motion picture industry and for streaming video services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Types of Digital Cinema Cameras

There are many different digital cine cameras from professional, to prosumer and consumer cameras.

The digital movie cameras used for high-end digital cinematography typically have larger, higher quality image sensors, variable frame rates, low compression recording options and even recording of RAW image sensor data for the highest level of flexibility during post production.

Blackmagic Design Digital Film Cameras

Australian company Blackmagic Design offer a range of affordable digital movie cameras with internal recording ranging from 1080p to 6K, up to 60fps and 15+ stops of dynamic range.

Blackmagic Design film production equipment has been used in 20 of the 30 highest grossing movies of all time and the URSA line of digital film cameras are approved for Netflix image capture.

We sell and support the entire range of Blackmagic Design cameras from the Micro Cinema Camera, the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, the URSA Mini 4K EF through to the URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2.

We also have a full range of optional Blackmagic Design camera accessories from the Blackmagic URSA Viewfinder, URSA Shoulder Mount Kit and URSA V-lock Battery Plate to the Blackmagic Pocket Battery Grip. If you're looking for accessories for a camera, check out our Digital Media Accessories page.